Get Facebook Java Application Signed by Nokia Certificate 21

Facebook has came up with java application. You can get the link to the application on their facebook mobile site. This application is signed by verisign or thawte or any other application signing certificate. If the phone contains these certificates, it can be downloaded and installed easily and it has complete access to application setting like network access, file system access but should be changed manually . If the phone does not have these certificate, the alert like ‘Certificate not on phone or Sim’ or ‘Invalid certificate’ appears and application cannot be installed.

Unsigned Facebook application

You can also installed unsigned application found in many other sites but this application has restricted access to network connection, the file system etc.

Facebook Application Signed by Nokia

This is application that can be download from ovi store. All the nokia phones have the nokia application signing certificate. So it can downloaded and installed from ovi store. This application is superior to that listed above. All the application access setting are pre-defined and it has complete access to network, file system etc. Here the link to the application.
Get the facebook java application signed by Nokia

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