Image and Photo editor for Java mobile phones(Jar Mini Photoshop)


Searched on google for a mobile java image and photo editor and found few applications. This image editor (mini photoshop) is the best of those image editing java applications. It has lots of features which are listed below:
* Croping of image
* Piercing of image
* Transparent cover
* Rotating the image
* Capturing image directly from camera for editing
* Different effects like negative, chalk drawing, sharpen, bright etc.
* Inserting text
* Inserting icon
* Forming random pixel map
* 3D actions like cube, pyramid, around map, scene, cylinder, cone etc.

Update: The file was removed by file hosting site. Sorry for inconvenience ….. The link will be here Soon.

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  1. Get it all

  2. Navin sir, i found this blog is very helpful..

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