37 Responses to “Subscribe 3G service in existing NTC 2G sim”

  1. bharat says:

    sir, how can i change my 3g to 2g. 3g didnot work properly

  2. dineshbro says:

    hlw there , i sent the message but does it charge 100 rs for 3g activation in pre paid ?cause i didnt get 3g activated in my s.e. T715.

  3. dineshbro says:

    i sent two msges still it couldnt be activated though i got reply from ntc ‘thanks for . . . . . by 5pm next working day ‘ but never succed in receiving 3g though my area certainly has a coverage ,perhaps this pre-paid 3g service has been abondoned ?sad :/

    • Navin says:

      may be. the above method is what i got from their office, i think either it may take time to become this method fully functional or they will bring some other way.

  4. Aamod says:

    no need 2 pay any charge?

  5. Bhupendra says:

    Works for gprs activation but does not seem to activate 3G even though you get the message saying by “5pm next working day.”

  6. Milan says:

    This method does not work! Working method :
    You should go to ntc office(i went to pulchowk ntc ofice) ; u can get a form there(3G update form),fill the form mentioning name of sim owner and prepaid mobile number give it to the prepaid sim counter and pay Rs.100, you’ll get invoice receipt then you will have 3g connectivity by the next day. Hope it helps !

  7. sabin Bajracharya says:

    I filled the 3g form and was told that it would get activated within 2 days, bits it’s already 3 days and still no sign of 3g!

  8. Milan says:

    @ Sabin Bajracharya :
    There are specific areas for using 3G service. You need to be in 3G coverage area to use fast 3G internet service. Visit nepal telecom’s official website for more info about 3G coverage areas within kathmandu and others parts of Nepal.

  9. Prabeen says:

    What If I don;t know my sim owner’s name?

  10. Amit says:

    To buy a new sim, you have to pay Rs. 300.

  11. ram says:

    3g chalna laai front camera bhako nai chahin6,mero Blackberry8520curve chha chal6 kinai?

  12. sujan says:

    2g sim ma 3g activate garna ntc office ma jaada k k documents haru chahincha???
    kindly reply me..

  13. Rahul napit says:

    Dai ,k ncell connect ma ntc ko sim halera net chal6 .maile settings change ta milaya. connect pani bhayo.tara 0.00 kbps dekhaun6.browse garna mildaina

    • Navin Adhikari says:

      I think ncell connect may be locked so it may not work other network. First the ncell connect should be unlocked and it can work with ntc.

  14. rupesh lakandri says:

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  15. Nabaraj Thapa Magar says:

    what is the price pay system could you please give me a inromation.NTC 3G NETWORK SYSTEM

  16. mangal says:

    I activated this 3G service from 2G prepaid sim by filling form at Pulchowk Ntc office year ago with NRs 100. And in website of NTC it is written as this is valid only for 9 months. So, it means I have to again go there to activate the 3G service?
    And how to know that 3G is activated in the cell phone or not? The symbol is E in city area and G outside the ringroad. My cell phone is Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini.

  17. Madie says:

    Hey can any1 help my ntc sms service has automatically been removed now how to activate sms service in my sim ny codes

  18. rajiv says:

    I’ve ntc 3g postpaid sim. But I want to disable GPRS/3G service completely due to my own problem. How to do it? Plz reply me at my email. Plz

  19. bisan says:

    maile ntc ko post paid sim liyeko xu but 3g ko setting payeko xaina. 3g ko setting set garna k garnu parla? Plz reply fast.

  20. vineet says:

    it works great….thnx :)

  21. Myla says:

    Its to slow 3G net i want to dactive 3G. How can i dactive

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