Dish home Installation, packages and Review


Go to the nearby dish home reseller . Get an antenna. It costs around Rs 3000 . Ask the dealer to activate home dish account and any package . This package will be available for nexT 24 hours. After that you have to pay for the package . Then back home give a try to install the antenna. Look for a video on how to install a dish home antenna in youtube . The most difficult part is to find the signal and fix the antenna on that position . If you feel it is a troublesome task, hire a person to install it (charge around Rs 500).


There different packages basic, medium, medium plus , deluxe, deluxe plus, super hd, super hd plus , life style hd. The price of all these package with channels is shown below:



1. All channels are clear.

2. It has around 35 hd channels.

3. Supports online payment, decent customer care service.

4. Supports multiple connection through antennas with extra charge Rs100/month for each .


1. Disturbance in the signal during rain.

2. Too costly to watch all hd channels ( lifestyle hd costs around Rs 900)

3. Cannot choose a single channel . While changing package 3 month prepayment may be asked .

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