Easy way to connect your facebook account with mig33 account from mobile 30

In Nepal, mig33 gained popularity in short period of time. It is one of the most used application for chatting. There is always a problem while authorizing the mig33 account to your facebook account through mobile. Generally, what happens is that one uses mig application, opens IM and adds facebook link. Then, mig33 opens the page to authorise with facebook. People click on connect to facebook and redirected to this address http://www.mig33.com/sites/index.php?c=im&a=facebook_setup&v=wap . This address is opened by the mobile browser which is slow and old browser, and lots of problems arise.

Now, lets perform the same thing but in the easy manner. First open opera mini . Then go to the address m.mig33.com. Log in to your mig33 account. After that to connect facebook to your mig33 account click this link
Connect your facebook account with mig33. Then click on link available, log in with your facebook account and allow permission to application. Finally, your facebook account is connected to mig33.

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